about us

A few words about us.

Our Vision is to help women leaving a domestic violence relationship. We have a top notch board including a lawyer, doctor, victims advocate from the LaGrange Prosecutors Office, Indiana Police Captain, two teachers, a sales manager with Mary Kay and local Pastor and wife.

All of these people possess skills and asserts that will bring Crushed But Not Broken what it needs to succeed. It was very important when I set up the board for it to cover doctor, lawyers, police, teachers and the prosecutors office. As all these occupations can deal with domestic violence and the children of domestic violence.

Word Graphic: "Hope is the only thing stronger than fear."

Our Mission Statement

Crushed But Not Broken is a non-profit, faith-based organization. Our mission is to provide shelter and hope to women and children in a domestic violence situation.

Once a client comes to the shelter we incorporate the following:

  • Advocacy… walking beside them, court dates, filing for protective orders, further counseling for mom and children, helping them establish assistance if needed, getting them a job, when the time is right getting an apartment, vehicle, helping the kids get into school, etc.
  • Group with other women facing the same thing as they are… there is strength in numbers.
  • Tutoring for the kids and moms
  • Bible studies for those who feel led to participate
  • Counseling for women and children
  • Cooking Classes

Board of Directors

Vickie Emmons
Teacher, Middlebury Schools

I have known Sheli for many years. I knew her story and had heard it many times. I tagged along to one of her speaking engagements. As I listened to her speak to a ladies group, I heard something I had not heard before…I began to listen in a different way. …she shared the effect that the violence she went through had upon her own children. As an educator, I began thinking about all of my “babies” in my classroom. Suddenly, I was flooded with the memories of children who acted out before long breaks from school or right before summer vacation. I knew then, that I had missed something, something devastating that my students were going through. I promised myself that I would never miss it again and that if I could be a part of something bigger than my classroom then I would. God led me to share this with Sheli and she shared her dream of a domestic violence shelter. I, immediately, knew I had to be a part of Crushed But Not Broken.

Jaylyn Kroll
Teacher, Topeka Elementary

As a teacher in the community I see first hand the effects that domestic violence can have on the children that are exposed and their families. Having known Sheli for most of my life, I was familiar with her story and felt called to do more than just support from the sidelines. I wanted to help the children that might possibly come into my classroom someday and their families that otherwise would feel trapped in their current situation. Crushed but Not Broken is very close to my heart as it serves people right in the community where I live and work. It helps the women and children that otherwise would have no options and no hope. It continues to be a privilege to work with and for them as we fight to end domestic violence.

Kerin Miller
Mary Kay Consultant

People should not be made to feel less than. Abuse comes in different forms… emotionally, mentally, verbally, physically and no one deserves to be treated that way. I like to help others and this cause is a way to make a difference.

Heather Antal
Parkview Noble OR & OB Manager

I became involved in CBNB because I want to support a Christian not-for-profit organization in our community that provides a safe place for women and their children to go to in their darkest time of need.

Captain Tim Cleveland
Indiana State Excise Police

As a police officer, I far to often see the effects of domestic violence on women and children. When Sheli approached me about being a board member for Crushed But Not Broken I immediately knew this was something I could support. I’ve known Sheli for a long time and the number one biggest reason I chose to support CBNB is because I know Sheli’s heart is firmly centered on providing a safe and secure location for a Gospel centered program. CBNB not only provides a safe shelter for victims, it also provides an opportunity for the women to learn how to move on to the next phase of their lives. Sheli assists these women and children through every step of this process and she does this with compassion and a determination to ensure these women and children can succeed.

Tobey and Erin Schwartz, Pastor
Foundation Community Church

Tobey Schwartz is the pastor of Foundation Community Church in the Millersburg area. Tobey and his wife Erin, have a passion for CBNB because of the impact it has on their community. They see the need for a women’s shelter right in their back yard and they felt called to be a part of CBNB. They have a heart for those fleeing religious and physical bondage. Tobey works full time at Jayco RV along with his pastoral duties. Erin helps at the church and enjoys being at home with their three sons, and working on her inspirational writing.

Attorneys Supporting CBNB

Leah J. Close, J.D.
Close Law Office, LLC

As an attorney practicing in LaGrange County, I’ve experienced firsthand why the Crushed But Not Broken shelter is so important for our community. Many of the women that contact me for family law matters are going through the most difficult times of their lives. They have very often been abused mentally and physically and feel lost with nowhere to turn. The Crushed But Not Broken shelter is, for most of these women, the safe haven that they need while they work-out their legal issues. I pray this is a service that can stay in-tact for the health and well-being of these women. When we reach out and extend some grace and comfort for women who need the hope of a better future, we are in turn strengthening, blessing and enriching our community.

Linda A. Zabona-Wooster
Attorney At Law
Emerick, Diggins & Zabona

A practicing attorney for twenty plus years, receiving a bachelor of science from Ball State University and receiving her judicial doctorate degree from Thomas Cooley Law. Her unrelenting determination to provide a voice to the voiceless, to make the law clear and accessible to those that need it most. That is why she practices family law—very few practice areas allow such a direct connection between legal decisions and the daily lives of everyday people. Linda has been a believer of Crushed But Not Broken from the very beginning and sees the huge need in this community for this domestic violence shelter.

Ann E Fleck (Annie)
Victim’s Assistance Director
LaGrange County Prosecutor

Crushed but Not Broken offers many much-needed services to an area that doesn’t boast a lot of options for victims of Domestic Violence. The addition of another shelter in LaGrange County has doubled the available space for women and children fleeing a scary situation, as well services that are crucial in helping victims heal and move forward in life as survivors. CBNB’s victim-centered approach to individual situations provides a level of compassion and empathy necessary to help those in times of crisis and is a very welcomed addition to our community!

you are loved

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

II Corinthians 4:8-9